1.Business in the Philippines !!! Hundred millions Peso (millions $) of assets and fund were robbed in just three months .

Intimidation recording

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                                    Hiroshi Yamanaka (Hiro)

Contents of Blackmail

  • “Ayako’s personal money (more then 30 million php) has already become a property of Mr. Hiro (Hiroshi Yamanaka)”
  • “We got the ten times of money (Ayako’s fund which they taken) from investors also.”
  • “If you don’t follow Hiro, you choose to kill your son.”
  • “Ayako, your son’s life will be gone. It is 100% true.”
  • “if you want to protect your son, you should take your son to an orphanage.”
  • your son’s life is in danger. He doesn’t have enough time.
  • I will get your  PC also smartphone.(Ms. Ayako’s things)”  (The situation is as if they snatched or robbed them )
  • “I will erase all your data including your Skype account.”
  • Give me your Credit card.” (Ayako’s credit card)”
  • “Affix your signature to all the Bank books!!! (The bank account which Ayako deposited her personal fund 30million peso)”
  • your son’s life is in danger. He doesn’t have enough time.”
  • “You (Ms. Ayako) must go back to Japan.”
  • “We(Genki and Hiroto) only followed Hiro’s instructions.”
  • “I(Hiroshi Yamanaka)  don’t need Korean (Korean kids are better to die).”
  • “If you(Ayako) don’t go back to Japan, it will be dangerous for you.”
  • “You (Ayako) can’t see your son anymore.”
  • “If you don’t return to Japan until tomorrow, you can’t be in Japan anymore.”
  • “I will ruin the future of your(Ayako’s son) and your parents.”
  • “Give me your credit card.”
  • “You, your son and your parents have no choice anymore but to die.”

This conversation recording and Blackmails are from HIROSHI YAMANAKA (HIRO)  who is a representative of DAREDEMO HERO which is an NGO organizations, GENKI MATSUI  and HIROTO THUCHIHARA who were staffs of Bayside English CEBU under AYAKO SASAKI who was a former  CEO of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.

The intimidation to Ms. Ayako had been repeated like every day for 3 months from November 2016 to February 2017 until they successfully kicked out Ms. Ayako from Cebu.


The truth shall win over lies. Therefore, it is necessary to tell and reveal the truth to win.


Episode 1 :  Intimidation

My time has never stopped yet even if a year passed already. I need to fight for my rights legally.

A year ago, end of December 2016, I sent my 11-year old son Rio to the airport for going back to Japan alone for his safety. A month later, the end of January 2017, I tried to commit suicide at my residence in Cebu, Philippines. But that was a failed attempt!

I asked myself, was my heart weak now? I only thought of my son and my parents in Japan. For me, I had ruined their dreams in life, lost their wealth and even their future. My mind was totally filled with fear especially for their safety.

No, it was not. (I thought) I was completely brainwashed by Hiroshi Yamanaka’s tricky strategy.

Fortunately, my suicide attempt was a failure due to the security guard’s report in the residential area. I was hospitalized in a day, the rumor spread all over the area and I needed to give my suicidal statement to the Barangay police.


I am Ayako Sasaki, the former CEO of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU, moved to Cebu, Philippines eight years ago with my 4-year old son, Rio (nickname).

On August 15, 2012, I opened an English Language school in Mactan, Island Cebu Philippines named BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU INC. (An ESL School). This means other foreign students like Japanese, Korean Chinese etc. who had the strong determination to learn English from Filipino teachers are welcomed to study.

This Philippine English study abroad boomed in Japan and became prosperous, so by 2013, I was able to open the second school campus in Punta Engaῇo named PREMIUM CAMPUS which is located along the sea.

In January 2016, we bought a 1.1 hectares of land in Cordova, Cebu as the third campus of Bayside English Cebu, and I started to build a 4-storey school building with student’s dormitory and soon to be an international school for Filipinos in the future.

BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU really worked on this project for our dreams.




However, in just three months, from Nov 2016 to Feb 2017 , I lost the management rights, company assets, and private funds of 30 million pesos (604,000$) including my parents’ funds.

The person who got all of these properties and funds and who never paid even a single centavo is no other than HIROSHI YAMANAKA (nickname Hiro), who is said to be famous in the media industry of Japan, and now a volunteer group of DAREDEMO HERO FOUNDATION in Cebu, Philippines.

In conspiracy of GENKI MATSUI, an information technology expert and HIROTO TSUCHIHARA who are both Japanese Staff of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.

GENKI MATSUI knows my personal computer and bank account passwords. These two people who used to be polite, reliable and loyal to me before, but now broke my 100% trust. I never thought to be betrayed secretly by these people. I lost everything I owned.

GENKI MATSUI took first the company data from the Filipino manager. Next he changed the passwords of my personal and school data account and finally he erased the evidence at the same time.

I will be exposing the mechanisms later.

Currently, GENKI MATSUI is the acting CEO of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU INC. and HIROTO TSUCHIHARA as his vice president.

HIROSHI YAMANAKA’S bad desires are still continuing even up to the present.

He gathered huge amount of money from the investors to our 1.1 hectares property in Cordova, Cebu.

I already spent more than 80% of its construction. I don’t know who were the investors and its nominal value that he collected from.

According to GENKI, a billion yen was invested to BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU from the investors whose names were on the list of media in Japan.

In the first place, I already spent more than 80% of the construction and Hiro got 30 million php (604,000$) of my personal fund so it’s unnecessary to get a lot of money from the investors.

I strongly believe that HIROSHI Yamanaka hides the truth that I already spent most of my money to the construction of this building in Cordova, Cebu.

Even so, investment money is too big.

According to HIROSHI YAMANAKA (HIRO) when I met him in 2012, he always said that it was better to have an affiliation to some big companies and to have connections to rich people . Then he was planning to setting up a volunteer group in order to get donations from these people. Afterwards he returns the donations he got from them through the use of Philippine bank account. This is to hide and avoid the tax in Japan. Through this, Hiroshi Yamanaka can finally get a lot of money.

At that time, I only listened to his words.

I am wondering now of the tax evasion in Japan, the loading of money into banks in the Philippines, if you think about it, the investment of 1 billion yen is explainable.

Well it can be explained by the details later with evidence.

On January 11, 2017, 2days after I deposited all my personal funds to the account of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU, I completely signed a contract prepared by HIROSHI YAMANAKA to transfer the management rights of Bayside.

After soon Hiroshi Yamanaka’s conspirators GENKI MATSUI AND HIROTO TSUCHIHARA have become more aggessive and increased the threats they have on me.

They forced me to sign a checkbook of bank account which has a my fund of 30 million php and every check I signed has no payee’s names yet. This means that with my signature they can withdraw the money anytime.

Also, they did not only force me to go back to Japan but also they force me to get my personal computer and my mobile phone for deleting anything that can be pieces of evidence of the crime.

The three of them had been threatening me, my son’s life and future for a month.

I trusted Genki Matsui too much and that was my big mistake.

I had no doubt until GENKI shouted at me loudly and hit my desk inside my private house in Pacific Villa in Lapu -Lapu city.

It was an incident that caught the attention of a 14-year old student named KYLE and hurriedly contacted my bodyguard DOY. At first, there were two voices in the recorded file, GENKI and HIROTO who were crazy of getting great wealth and popularity. When DOY arrived in my house, he intervened and ordered GENKI and HIROTO to stop.

This recorded intimidation lasted for 6 hours. This record was recorded by a 14 – year – old student because he felt afraid of the intimidation for 7 hours by two Japanese men against Ayako.


Episode 2 :Embezzlement

In addition to the data I had presented, I had no doubt that there’s a high possibility of embezzlement in BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU with the involvement of HIRO AND GENKI.

Hiroshi Yamanaka (HIRO) who is a founder of the volunteer organization DAREDEMO HERO serves as a representative and as an agent for ESL schools. He introduces international students to ESL schools and receives a commission fee from the school.

However, payment of these study abroad fee had not been remitted to the account of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.

That is, many students had English training without paying their tuition fees.

It is impossible without conspirators inside the school.

I believe that this has been practiced for a long time. 

I have an evidence to prove this and I will publish it later.

I have been so down once before due to HIRO so, for me there’s nothing to lose or hide anymore.

I will present all the evidences to the media in both Japan and Philippines for future’s sake.

HIRO, GENKI and HIROTO have threatened me for several months.

In Hiro’s message said, (“If you don’t go back to Japan tomorrow, you’ll die”) so in the following day, I returned to Japan last February 9, 2017








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