2.Business in the Philippines !!! Hundred millions Peso (millions $) of assets and fund were robbed in just three months. FEAR OF ASSASSINATION IN PHILIPPINES

Destroyed Our family

I returned to Japan last February 9, 2017 and arrived in Kansai Airport at 14:35 in the afternoon.

My father waited for me at the airport however the situation was totally different compared before. We were exhausted! My father told me frankly about the condition of my mother that she was hospitalized and had undergone some treatment. He also suffered from chronic cerebral infection which was diagnosed last year.

Also my son, Rio, didn’t want to go to school in Japan since his Japanese writing ability Hiragana and Katakana became poor so he had difficulty in understanding Japanese characters. He can speak Japanese though. His English skill is better than Japanese since he had lived in the Philippines for eight years.

Rio already adapted his life in the Philippines and made a lot of friends. They had always talked about their future dreams. And those were happy moments for us.

At that short winter vacation visit, Rio thought that I came back to pick him up and send him back to school in the Philippines.

Rio could have been promoted to the next grade in his school in the Philippines if I didn’t take a long vacation in Japan.

He was really upset no matter how I explained to him that we couldn’t go back to Philippines, still he couldn’t understand.


Finally, he got transferred to a Japanese school and was not able to say goodbye to his friends and classmates in the Philippines. He was confused by a sudden change of lifestyle that was absolutely unplanned.

My father became broken hearted due to my mother’s illness, his condition and his grandson’s education.

In addition, I also had a house in Cebu and had been considering a permanent residence in the Philippines.

I couldn’t figure out myself with what happened in a period of three months. I was very confused just like Rio.

I myself really could not move and still afraid of human attacks.

We were very hopeless when my mom was still in the hospital.

When my friend knew my situation, she encouraged me to fight against them for Rio`s sake.

I was trying to figure out the incident that happened in three months in order to give legal sanctions as to what HIROTO, GENKI AND HIROSHI did to me.

I started to do criminal prosecution.

In May 2017, I sent a message to challenge them.





The incident that happened in Cebu Philippines caused me some mental fears that I might be attacked and be killed.

I was really afraid of it especially that HIROSHI YAMANAKA(HIRO) is now an influential person. In a Japanese Cebu Organization, he was voted for a position by all members of the Japanese society.

According to HIRO, he saves poor Filipino children by educating them. He has also published a book and held many seminars in various places in Japan. Through this, many famous people support him.

It’s hypocrisy!

He is a person who can deceive anyone.

A person who threats to kill and ruin my son’s future who is still 11 years old.

Also he is a person who threats to attack and corrupt the minds of old people who are ill.

A person who discriminates Koreans, and abuses and exploits Filipinos` innocence.

Well, I can support these with pieces of evidence later.


In fact, in the Philippines there were more than 5,000 people who had been shot due to the use of prohibited drugs which is President Rodrigo Duterte’s strong campaign to eradicate drugs in the country.

In April 2017, a Japanese CEO in Manila was shot and killed by a hitman. Also, In May 2017, there were two Japanese people who were shot and died.

The culprit of both murder cases is suspected to be a Japanese.

In addition, there were many Japanese people who were still missing.

HIROSHI YAMANAKA (HIRO) is a person capable of killing me for the sake of his fame and image.

 I want to fight him and the two others legally because I still believe that the truth will set me free.




BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU is a school that is filled with great memories of Filipino teachers and non-teaching staffs, students and our lives as well.

There were many acquaintances and parting moments.

Our dream is to live happily and safely in the Philippines. I should think positively and recover what has been lost successfully!

In June 2017, I went back to the Philippines alone and lived with reliable Filipino people.

The place was quite far from the city but I could live peacefully while I was preparing myself for the legal procedures against the people who betrayed me.

I promised to my son, Rio, to live again in the Philippines. I wanted him to know that my promises to him is not meant to be broken.

I truly love my son. 





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