In 2016, it was necessary to relocate BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU in RPC campus in the near future, so I started to look for a land and successfully we found and bought a 1.1 hectares of land in Cordova, Cebu as I mentioned.

Then we got very busy preparing all the necessary documents and applying for accreditation at the Department of Education (DepEd). This was supposed to be our second school campus.
At the same time, the construction of a 4-storey building and student’s dormitory were ongoing.

All Administration staff worked hard on it in the first half of this year 2016.

This was the time also that I entrusted GENKI MATSUI and HIROTO TSUCHIHARA the management of BAYSIDE ESL, student’s affairs, my personal data , bank accounts and even the marketing department.


In the middle of August 2016, BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU had a total of 300 students staying in both campuses RPC and PREMIUM Campus, but I was surprised that the reservation system changed drastically to the least.

The reservation for September was becoming just 27 people in total for both campuses.

It was an impossible situation without someone controlling the market.

The failure of the market was the time that I started to lose everything.

Now, I am convinced that this market failure was part of their big plan which is plunder.


In SEPTEMBER 2017, the total number of students was only 27 students in both campuses.

This has never happened since we opened the school.

There are at least 100 students both existing and incoming in these two campuses.

Of course there are peak and off-peak season at any language schools.

Mostly the students in summer vacation (July-August) and winter vacation (December to February ) are Koreans, Japanese, Taiwanese and Chinese. It also depends on its longevity of holidays in each country. Most of the students who enrolled in RPC campus are young and a family, so it is expected that long-term students who can stay for 3 months can add up to the number of students on peak season.

Besides the marketing department knows already that the school would be filled with many short-term students who will eventually return to their respective home country afterwards. By then, the school is quiet again. However, this tremendous fluctuation of students was unbelievable!

Everyone knows this kind of scenario even GENKI, he has been working in BAYSIDE since 2013.

 I am shocked and dissatisfied! !

However, I can’t blame them. I still feel more responsible for this as the owner and there are reasons that I can’t blame them either.

Japanese staffs are employed, but they are not allowed to stay longer. They work and receive cheaper wages locally, but their salary was five times higher than the salary of Filipinos. In addition, it was not easy to find Japanese employees to work abroad.

I should be blamed at first since I gave them my 100% trust without giving any rooms for doubts on them. I thought everything would turn well.

All of these terrible situations were planned already and all important documents were hacked by these terrible people, HIROSHI YAMANAKA and his conspirators, GENKI MATSUI AND HIROTO TSUCHIHARA.



In July –August 2016, there were still 300 students at that time and we needed to use a lot of money for utulities, rental, employees pay and other miscellaneous. In fact, the electricity bill reached to half million php/ month in peak season, the salary of all staffs are paid also in September, additional fees for the use of swimming pool as expected and lastly, the one million pesos rental fee in RPC Campus every month. It was really impossible to compensate all of the expenses with 27 students left at the end of September.

In addition, there was a bombing incident that happened in president Duterte’s hometown, Davao. The terrorists bombing in Mindanao area had prevented the students to study abroad.

It affected the market somehow. In December, BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU had a reservation of 30 Korean students. If the reservation is withdrawn then it  would be a big problem! So, I decided to move and transfer all students from RPC to PREMIUM CAMPUS in December at once.

In March 2017, we planned to open the new school in Cordova only the ESL school, but in March 2016, I already paid 2 million pesos to Mr. KIM, Korean owner of Regent Pacific College as the advance security deposit extension to RPC Campus. I did not tell him about the new relocation because he won’t give any refund for this deposit so, I did not pay the rent in one month. Also, I was able to get the security deposit in a month by not paying the electricity bill for August and September.

I successfully moved to PREMIUM CAMPUS on October 2, 2016 and escaped from Mr. KIM with no liabilities at all.

Aside from this, I was not totally being honest to Mr. KIM that time just to protect BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.

It was my big mistake that I did not talk to Kim anything for BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.

However, after losing this property and committing suicide, I called him and asked an apology and he said that he understood me. I will never forget you Mr. Kim.
Thank you so much for supporting me for a long time.

I sincerely pray for the happiness of you and your family Mr. Kim.



This is the worst thing which I did not like to happen, to lay off regular employees. I appreciated the employees because they supported me a lot when I needed them.

However, they had been informed also by the administration staff that they soon stopped because there wan’t enough students.

Of course, we have consulted our lawyer for labor code to protect BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU in case a protest arises. We, the management team, are fully aware that legal procedures must be done before doing the dismissal.

So, we settle to pay a sum of money as stipulated by the law to the employees who are to be dismissed. First of all, we have to calculate the years of service and their status in the company, then a notice of dismissal is prepared. It is issued two weeks before the dismissal. Then our lawyer interrupted some employees’ demands and personal affairs to avoid grudges against the owner.

I knew that some of the non-teaching regular staffs believed on me.

It was hard for them to find a job since they had not finished their studies. I felt so sorry for them. They liked BAYSIDE and they also waited for the opening of the new school. I had known that they wanted to talk to me directly.

I totally felt helpless!



BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU was managed by Filipino staffs and me.

The Japanese staffs are tasked to manage the marketing department and the students’ concerns.

However, these Japanese Staffs hindered and challenged the management team to lay off personnel. Laying off was necessary to protect the school’s interest.

I could not understand why HIROTO TSUCHIHARA, a student care manager, challenged the management’s decision. Then the notice of dismissal to some staffs was unsuccessful because they became ferocious.


As for the next plan, it is to transfer the rights of the Premium Campus to a reliable Japanese company.

The BAYSIDE GLOBAL SCHOOL temporarily stopped its construction in October 2016 which is almost finished. Actually, 80% of the construction is done.

Speaking of the closure of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU, a meeting with the management team and the lawyer took place in my house almost every day.

That closure was kept as a secret plan due to the incoming Korean students in the winter vacation from the mid of December to February 2017. These students are already booked to study English in PREMIUM CAMPUS. I needed the presence of Filipino staffs.

Then the next plan was to close the student’s market. The student’s market and deposits of international students were controlled by the Japanese staffs, and the new system was created, introduced and managed by GENKI.I lacked knowledge about information technology so I trusted him a hundred percent with no doubts.

At that time, Japanese staffs GENKI and HIROTO both went back to Japan. At the same time, HIROSHI YAMANAKA also went back to Japan. I did not notice it at that time.


I told GENKI MATSUI about selling BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU PREMUM CAMPUS to a reliable Japanese company.

He said that if he had to work under them, he had to quit and return to Japan, HIROTO TSUCHIHARA as well. He asked me strongly for a meeting and for waitting the arrival of HIROSHI YAMANAKA from Japan.

All of my instructions to Japanese staffs were withdrawn by him.

I thought he really loved BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU, but that was a big misunderstanding!

At that time, they were already in their conspiracy plan. I realized that his heart was already filled with ambition after I lost everything.


At the same time, the lawyer told me to dismiss him because he did not follow my instructions. My loyal Filipino staffs also sent messages to me that I must be careful to GENKI and HIROTO because they called a conference without my presence.

I did not listen to them at that time because I really trusted GENKI 100%.


In February 09, 2017, I went back to Japan due to HIROSHI YAMANAKA, GENKI MATSUI AND HIROTO TSUCHIHARA. And in June 2017, I went back to the Philippines and decided to fight them back legally. My Philippine mobile phone hadn’t been paid since November 2016 and renewal of my business visa also was stopped in November 2016 by GENKI MATSUI.

I realized that they really had a plan to get rid of me.




In the middle of November 2016, my father visited my house in Mactan Island, Cebu to tell my mother’s condition. My father’s heart was broken due to that. He told me not only my mom’s condition but also his condition.

I was so desperate at that time too. Later on, I told HIROSHI YAMANAKA about my family’s condition. At that time, I could not imagine that it would be a topic of his intimidation.

Later on they threatened me of the following:

“Attack your sick mother”
“Crush the future of your parents”
“Crush the future of your son”
“kill your son”


My son Rio had known Hiro since he was four years old. Hiro was used to be his hero before but now an enemy because HIROSHI YAMANAKA (Hiro) threatened his life and future.



On December 09, 2016, GENKI MATSUI told me that HIROSHI YAMANAKA was waiting for me at a Japanese restaurant in Mactan Island, Cebu. I went there and I met HIROSHI and GENKI. Frankly, I did not trust HIROSHI because I had many experiences about him since 2013 especially embezzlement.

However I trusted only GENKI’S words.

HIROSHI YAMANAKA said while he was drinking beer that he had consulted a politician and this problem was going to be an international problem. He said that president ABE in Japan would have come to the Philippines and it would be a big deal.

They said that my family and I had nowhere to live neither in the Philippines nor in Korea. Hiroshi Yamanaka said I had no choice but to die. GENKI also supported his statements and continued talking about the management of BAYSIDE to Hiroshi Yamanaka.

He told me to put my personal funds at first in the company.

He also warned me not to talk to anyone even DOY who is my bodyguard and business partner and also a Filipino staff.

I realized later that they gave me fears first to rob my assets and they went me to keep it secret to hide their crime. The conversation did not last an hour and after this, the situation had changed drastically.

Two days after I met Hiro at a Japanese restaurant, there were many changes that had happened in the PREMIUM CAMPUS when I got inside the office.

Everything was changed such as; the setting arrangement in the office, the management team, another Japanese staff was hired without my approval and lastly, my desk was transferred from the office.

The newly hired Japanese staff was used to be a staff and used to drink always with HIROSHI in 2013.

I instructed DOY to put a small computer table in my office but GENKI oppossed and deprived me of having it.

The Filipino staffs were not able to do their tasks anymore because their tasks were already entrusted to the newly hired Japanese especially in the accounting department. And the market was reopened according to GENKI’S instructions.

There were many reservations from DAREDEMO HERO which is Study abroad agency. Spring vacation was coming, so student’s reservation to study in the Philippines were rushed.

As always GENKI refused my instructions which were not to accept student’s anymore.

There was not any legal and proper turnover of properties at that time but it seemed that GENKI already followed HIROSHI’S order.

I called Hiroshi Yamanaka to cancel what we had talked a week before. He shouted me angrily. He wanted me to explain to the investors because he had already invested money from the investors.

It was not even a week yet since we had a talk. How did it happen? How can he gather investment from investors within a week?

So, I really realized that it was their plan already.

GENKI came in when I instructed to Japanese staffs to stop accepting students. He withdrew all the instructions I had to Japanese staffs. In addition, he wanted me to ask permission from HIROSHI.

It became uncontrollable anymore. They began to dominate and control everything before me.

This happened even without the contract of management rights between HIROSHI and me.

PREMIUM CAMPUS has a mini bar along the sea. I entrusted the management of this bar to a Filipino ex-staffs and here it happened that HIROSHI, GENKI, HIROTO and the newly hired TOMO kept on drinking in that bar every night and TOMO said that I was a bad person and BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU went bankrupt because of AYAKO.

The company was not bankrupt. That is their lie. I will prove it later on the basis of evidence.

At that point Hiroshi Yamanaka and Japanese staffs of BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU were already teams to loot Bayside assets and my personal funds before having the transfer of management rights contract.



The Human Resources Manager and the accounting staffs would like to talk to me personally, but GENKI had always been observing me at that time.

He had forbidden me to talk to them because according to him I promised to HIROSHI YAMANAKA(HIRO).

I wanted to talk to them because I was very worried to them. He said that he would have contacted HIROSHI if I had broken the promise.

According to my Filipino staffs that they wanted to quit their job because GENKI already entrusted their task to the newly hired Japanese staff.

Later on, GENKI announced that Filipino staffs were dismissed as they embezzled the company’s funds.


That is a big lie.

I know all. They did not embezzle the company’s funds. They are not fired from BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU. However, they resigned themselves because they were very disappointed of GENKI’s management style.

I could say with confidence that they had never embezzled the company’s fund.

They had even worked during their free time. They kept on going back and forth to Cebu City just to process some documents and school approval for its construction. In such a case, all the money spent was liquidated by them. Even if they needed to eat lunch outside, it never exceeded to a hundred peso or reached to 5,000 pesos in a month including taxi fare. These conspirators did not know their efforts.


Let me talk about one of my experiences.

There was one time that 50,000 pesos expenses was missing, all of the Filipino staff didn’t go back home until they had found it. I told them not to look for it anymore but they still continued looking for it. Lastly, they had found it. I made a mistake also at that time because I issued two payee checks at one time. They really cried when I told them that I trusted them.

I had many experiences together with them in managing the company. That is why I believe and trust them.

Sadly, they were no longer working at BAYSIDE anymore.

BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU lost talented people by their stupid conspiracy



HIROSHI YAMANAKA’S order was to announce to all BAYSIDE Staffs that the school went bankrupt and the announcement must have come from me.

Of course, I could say that it was not bankrupt and I had evidence to prove it.

Also, HIROSHI YAMANAKA (HIRO)  and I did not have any agreement to transfer my management rights yet.

However the market was getting bigger and student’s reservation came in like every day. I could not control anymore because GENKI already deprived me the access to the school data. I had no choice but to follow them. My mind became so weak.

HIROSHI YAMANAKA with his secretary RHONA MANUBAG came in to the school. He instructed GENKI to gather the management team and the office staffs at the conference room. Of course GENKI was there too.

I was there too because I had no choice but to follow HIROSHI YAMANAKA’s order to me that was to announce to them verbally that BAYSIDE went bankrupt. My heart was desperately broken at that time.

I could really prove that it was not bankrupt!

They made a story in order to rob the company’s assets and my personal funds.


HIROSHI YAMANAKA said in his speech that I borrowed some money to him which he didn’t impose any interest because he just wanted to help BAYSIDE. He also showed his book that he was a celebrity and had a lot of money. Sometimes, he joked.

One of the staffs cried and HIRO asked why she had cried, and the Filipino staff answered that she felt pity on me. But HIRO shouted and told her that she was a victim of me too. He said repeatedly to all the staffs in there. I saw GENKI smiling at that time. I received a lot of messages on my Facebook account after I went back to my house.


All of these occurrences happened before the legal transfer of rights.

In other words, it happened in a situation where the company I owned was hijacked.


As I already expanded the market and the students reservation was increasing, it was impossible to close at that time.

Even if I did not manage this school anymore, I was still liable for all its legal responsibility. It is because the company was hijacked by them before the legal transfer of rights.

During, this period, there were two contradictory acts in me.

First was to strongly make an agreement to transfer the management to HIROSHI in order to have a thorough understanding of my responsibility becase both the company’s data and money flow have already been hijacked by them, as well as the Japanese staff were uncontrollable.

Hiroshi Yamanaka refused the management rights transition agreement created by the company’s lawyers.

Other action was to stop the marketing strongly. As he refused the  management transfer agreement, the increase in the market was dangerous.

There were existing 60 students already at that time and if the market still continues to increase, the big responsibility would only be left on me.

This could be a big trouble to my family and Rio as well.

My voice had no effect to the Japanese staffs because of their self-interest to get rid of me.


HIROSHI YAMANAKA (HIRO) did not have any contribution to this corporate fund even a single centavo.

BAYSIDE account could prove it.

The money deposited to the banks BPI and BDO were the expenditure account of BAYSIDE and as of December 2016, it was all my personal funds.

The balance of Japanese student’s tuition fees was transferred to the new account made by GENKI. I did not have any access on it.

It was said that the big amount invested was deposited to the new account under the expenditure account in the Philippines.

They stopped the cash flow and the construction of the new school was stopped by me at the end of October.

However, they resumed the construction of the new school.

The payment of the construction was from the bank check under my personal fund.

They forced me to sign a blank check, removed my desk in the office and they used my money for the construction.

I did not have any control over them.

They deprived me to access the account so, I did not know the account of BAYSIDE anymore.

We had about 60 students at that time. They were students from Japan and 30 of them were winter camp students who are from Korea. Of course it needed enough budget for their study and stay. Also, there were many repeaters. The parents of those Korean students who had a contact to me sent a message to me to take care of their children. These parents trusted me a lot since they sent their children abroad without their presence. I had a big responsibility to protect Korean children.

I repeatedly told HIROSHI and GENKI to transfer the funds, but they held it instead.

If they do not transfer to the company fund, it will be dangerous for student’s welfare especially to Korean children who were not with their parents.
But HIROSHI YAMANAKA said that he didn’t care about these Korean kids because for them it is Ayako’s job and responsibility.

He said a lot of words discriminating against Koreans. I have proofs of those messages from HIROSHI YAMANAKA.(Proof of truth based on evidenceURL


【Message of Hiroshi Yamanaka】
I don’t need Korean.
you (Ayako) !!! you must kick out koeran kids.
Korean kids are better if they die.

At that time we still had about 30 Korean children. I told him that we had to take care of them, but he didn’t want to. He wanted me to tell them that they couldn’t go back to their respective country. “They’ll all die” according to him. Of course I didn’t listen to them because those students were still my responsibility as the owner.

I had been depositing my personal funds one after another into the account already which is controlled by  GENKI and HIROSHI YAMANAKA for protecting children, especially Korean children.

The total amount of my fund that I deposited was about 30 million php(604,000$)from November 2016 until I returned to Japan on February 9, 2017.

All the evidences are on the bank account statement.

Please do not forget. All these things happened without the legal transfer of  rights yet.

On January 11, 2017, 2days after I deposited all of my personal fund, HIROSHI YAMANAKA said that he will prepare the transfer of management rights contract of  BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU.




On January 11, 2017, HIROSHI YAMANAKA took me to the lawyer’s office to sign the contract he prepared.

This happened two days after I deposited all my personal funds to BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU BANK account.

BAYSIDE school had three lawyers. However, HIROSHI YAMANAKA refused the company lawyers and used other defense offices. That defense office was a small local office because there were Filipino people waiting outside for the notarization.

Generally, when large funds from the company management transfer must be established by both sides and a contract should be based on assessment of asset value for appraisal. However, the contract prepared by the BAYSIDE lawyer was rejected by HIROSHI.

I had been to that public law office when I purchased my cars from Filipinos. I had that name of that owner and paid 1,000 pesos for its notarization. I could not tell whether that office was used for large transactions especially for transferring management rights.

It was the first time that I saw and read that contract in that law office. I did not have any chance to consult with my lawyer about its content.

There was only one thing I made up in my mind, at that time the management was hijacked by Hiro and only that legal responsibility was left to me. So, I signed the contract prepared by Hiroshi right there and then.

Actually, we waited in the line with other Filipino people to have the contract notarized. He paid 2,000 pesos to that lawyer. Finally, it was notarized in less than a minute.

In business negotiations I had always been using law offices and made negotiations fairly agreed by both sides with both lawyers in each party. I thought there was a discussion or negotiation between us by the lawyer.

I did not know whether the lawyer also looked closely to the contents of the contract. Also, I did not communicate with my lawyer at that time.

Since, I was unsure of its effectiveness. I consulted this contract to many lawyers. They were surprised because of its unfair agreement.

This is the contract signed by both parties.



HIROSHI’S control became stronger and more powerful right after I signed the contract formally.

There were two accounts of BAYSIDE, banks in Japan and in the Philippines for student’s tuition fees overseas and for student’s living, utilities, employees’ salary,  etc .were paid in the Philippines. The transactions continued to withdraw under BAYSIDE account.

GENKI created the new account in Japan before the transfer of management rights contract and the new account was published in Japan for student’s information.

The Web bank management of my BAYSIDE ENGLISH Japanese account was entrusted to GENKI since 2016, and its balance was transferred into its new account. However, the operation cost was not transferred to the account of the Philippines under its expenditure account even once. My problem was that the money in there was my personal funds and they kept holding that account.

All these can be proven through the bank account statements.

Their intimidation towards me and to my family continued.




(scheduled to be released in response to an attorney’s instructions)


7. IN MY MIND: How awesome Philippines and Filipinos

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