IN MY MIND : How much awesome Philippines and Filipinos


Some Japanese people  looks down the people in the Philippines.

I think people should not be judged like that. Citizens of industrialized countries tend to look down the people on a still developing countries. Even in the past, discrimination happened anywhere.

In history in Japan, discrimination against Korean people was rampant, but after World War II, Korean Republic became famous.

I am currently living in the countryside of Cebu with reliable Filipino people. Based on my observations, there were many people who didn’t have anything in their house such as television, gas stove, and even electricity. However, many young people have smartphones even without a TV in their house and Wi-Fi connection was free when going to town.

Educational system in the Philippines has been changed. The students learn English at a very young age in their Kindergarten.

Another thing, Filipino people have a strong bond among each other. Young people always work hard to support their families. In short, they have lived a very simple lifestyle without seeking for great wealth and unnecessary things. However, they really know what is important for them. That is, they can get a lot of information and learn through English and the internet. And more than anything, they have a willingness to learn for sake of support their family.


These Filipino young children who really studied hard for their future and acquired the skills will soon take part in the economic society and the power will be enormous.


Currently Japan has full of things to live comfortably and conveniently. There are a lot of best infrastructures, yet they have forgotten the important things in life. “Look for oneself” has become popular in Japan.


I had established BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU with the help of Filipino people and it became prosperous by their great effort and perseverance. This school was loved by many students in different nationalities.

It will be born again as a world BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL  with great Filipino People.

I lost everything I owned in the Philippines however I still love Philippines and the Filipino people.

I am looking forward to the prosperity of this country in the future.



BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU existed because of the wonderful Filipino Personnels


BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU RPC Campus was opened on August 2012 to mostly young foreign students. On the other hand, Premium Campus is for adult students who want to study and stay next to the ocean.

The school prospered until we bought our own property in Cordova for the reason of achieving our dreams which was to open an international school in the future.

Behind the success of Bayside English Cebu is credited to the Filipino personnel who have worked hard and persevered a lot.

The school prospered because it was totally managed by Filipino people and me, until such time I gave GENKI an authority to be part of the management team on my behalf in 2016 because I got so busy processing for the property in Cordova and at that time BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU started to experience recession.

Like what I had mentioned above, this school was mainly operated by Filipino people and I always encouraged the marketing department about the good qualities of Filipino people in order for them to experience cultural differences in each country.

I myself had already adapted as a Filipino.

Filipino staff and teachers take their pride of persuading the foreign students to learn English with their great motivation.

They are even still connected to their students through Facebook or other forms of media. We also had many repeater students and that was one of the indications that students truly loved the culture of the Philippines and their Filipino teachers as well. 


I believed that Filipino traits have made great influence to our foreign students.


In the beginning of April 2013, we started our JOB FAIR in Dumaguete City. This place has a lot of colleges and universities. There is a good chance to hire teachers who speak English fluently since there are many Western and American people who really enjoyed the beautiful ambiance in this place.

The JOB FAIR in Dumaguete City takes twice a year and this gives me a good pleasure. Of course, I always take my son Rio with me.

I became happy then because I had found a lot of precious people. These diamonds became my gemstone.

BAYSIDE ENGLISH CEBU holds its FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY every year on August 15 which is organized by Filipino personnels.

The two campuses are gathered in this celebration. So every department and every student takes part in the event and cooperates with pleasure that makes the yearly event a successful one. In addition, the number of students and employees have reached more or less 500.

One of the events is the search for Mr. and Ms. BAYSIDE. The search is not only about how the contestants look, walk their gown, and project themselves but also how they manage to answer the question and answer portion. Through this the students are able to showcase their English Fluency Skills.

Finally, one of my diamonds is crowned as MS. BAYSIDE.

There are a lot of people who became my diamonds in the school who engaged in English education, seminars and workshops.

Their success and positive feedback made me happy too.